The Timely Help


The Timely Help is an online platform that brings loving community members to help local by buying their discounted e-gift cards.


The idea for Timely Help was born out of necessity. As the COVID-19 situation started to restrict access to our beloved local businesses it quickly became an existential threat for numerous local businesses who rely on steady cash flow to stay afloat. We realized that even though the community wants to help, most businesses weren’t setup to receive that help without physical access to the store. We decided to do something about this problem to help our local businesses, through this platform. Businesses can contact us to have their e-gift card program listed on The Timely Help for free and start selling their discounted e-gift cards. The Timely help does all the heavy lifting in bringing together the community for this cause.


We encourage everyone to spread the word amongst their friends and families who would be willing to help and other businesses who needing this help