What is The Timely Help?

The Timely Help is a platform that brings people from our local communities to support the Local Businesses during the COVID-19 fallout. See the About Us page for more info.


Does The Timely Help charge a fee to list a Local Business?

There is no fee involved in adding your Local Business to our Business directory.


How can I promote my gift card program on social media?

Your profile will include a unique link which can be shared on social media to direct people from your community to your page from where they can buy your gift cards easily


Does this integrate with my POS system?

Currently, we are not planning to integrate with individual POS systems. Your TheTimelyHelp.com Account’s Dashboard page will provide a detailed summary of gift cards sold through our payment processing system at any point in time. You will also be able to download the Gift Card sales information. Each business can use these rosources for tracking the gift cards at their ends for their own accounting purpose.


Does the gift card have an expiration date?

The rules and regulations for gift cards vary from state to state and will be governed by the same. Generally, most restaurant gift cards cannot have an expiration date. if they do have an expiration date, it would have to be highlighted in front of the card


What are the accounting implications for gift card sales?

There have been recent guidelines around the accounting requirements for gift card sales. Please consult your accountant for additional details. 


Can the gift cards be used for tips and taxes?

This is at the discretion of the vendor. Each enrolled business can define the terms and conditions of their e-Gift Card sales program while and after setting up their accounts. These rules defined by the enrolled business will be printed along with the gift card


When do I receive payment after selling a gift card

This depends on the banking system adopted by businesses. Usually, the money can be deposited in the bank anytime between 3 to 14 business days.


How can I, or my company/organization, provide help to this initiative from The Timely Help?

We’re actively expanding our efforts to give back to the Local Businesses through new funding methods, partnerships, content, and features on this site. There are many ways you could get involved. Here are a few ideas

  • Share and talk about this within your community, friends and family and ask them to spread the word further
  • Help us build the list of restaurants on the directory
  • Help us grow this website or give to funds that support restaurants
  • Reach out to hello@thetimelyhelp.com to share your ideas


Can I donate to The Timely Help?

We’re a bunch of friends who got together to help our Local Businesses and are pouring in money from our savings to fund this platform. We are not charging any fee to the businesses for creating this platform for them. We can take your donations and tips which will help us move faster and spread the word and help more and more businesses. However, we encourage you to prioritize purchase gift cards at your favorite Local Businesses to provide the funds to them over giving any tips or donations to us.


How else can I support The Timely Help?

Show your support for the Local Business by sharing about The Timely Help’s platform on social media, among your community and with your friends and family. You can motivate them to but e-Gift Cards for their favorite Local Businesses.